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Strategic Planning

It’s more than the final document; strategic planning creates buy-in and engages an organization’s board and staff toward a shared focus and outcomes.

We help engage internal and external stakeholders to assess the current context, clarify direction, identify strategic priorities and outline a plan to achieve goals and objectives.

Data Management

It should make your work easier; finding a system and tools that effectively gather, use and report data on a regular basis.

We help you understand your data needs, map data collection and select or develop a system.

Program Evaluation

It shouldn’t feel like a make work project; evaluation can be integrated into program delivery and provide information that strengthens your work.

We help create program evaluation plans and frameworks, develop tools to gather information, analyze results, develop communication tools for sharing results and complete full evaluations.

Facilitation & Engagement

Process matters, whether you are developing a strategy, hearing from community, consulting your stakeholders, or developing a new tool.

We help engage stakeholders (in-person and virtually) in processes that build trust and buy-in.

how can we work together?

We can work with you on a specific project that may last a few weeks or a few years. We propose an approach and pricing based on our understanding of what you are looking for. Then we work with you to adapt the approach and agree on timelines.

We can be on retainer. If you want to build organizational capacity, it can make sense to put us on retainer. By pre-purchasing a fixed number of hours each month, you can call us whenever you want help.

We can go hour by hour. You may need a few hours to work through an issue. If something isn’t easily scoped, we can work together for a fixed period and re-evaluate.

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