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Change is inevitable. We equip you with change management approaches and tools to help navigate it.

Grounded in planning, program development, data collection and evaluation as mechanisms for change, learning options are tailored to participants’ experience and needs.

These learning options explore how change impacts, and is affected by, individuals and organizational culture, while increasing your ability to plan, implement and sustain the work of your organization.

This will help you:

  • assess the impact of change

  • understand people’s response to change

  • recognize and address resistance to change

  • identify and work with stakeholders

  • develop effective change teams

  • communicate change that builds and maintains engagement

Learning Options

Executive Director Retreats and Leadership Hubs

Retreats and Leadership Hubs are supportive, learning spaces focused on developing the skills and expertise of those leading Manitoba’s non-profit sector.

Retreats and Hubs offer you the collective wisdom of fellow Executive Directors and CEOs, while increasing your ability to plan, implement and sustain the work of your organization. 

Knowing that you are often immersed in operations, Retreats and Hubs make space for you to step back and re-focus.

Through the lens of each other’s experience and perspectives, you will explore the application of change management approaches at an operational and governance level.


Retreats are a chance to get away from the day-to-day and enjoy 3 days at Hecla Island while sharing and learning with other Executive Directors and CEOs.

Leadership Hubs

Exclusively for CEOs and Executive Directors, the Leadership Hub is a learning and mentoring network. Hubs meet once a month to talk about challenges and opportunities in a supportive environment. Leadership Hubs can be face-2-face or remote.

Leadership Team Training

Learning as a leadership team increases capacity, accountability and the likelihood that the knowledge and tools will be used.  We will tailor the training to the needs of your team.

Delivered over two days (online or onsite), training will focus on effectively leading teams through the changes that are constantly affecting the NFP sector.

Customized Coaching

You may want to have one-on-one conversations about managing change through planning, program development, data collection and evaluation. We can work together on an hourly basis or agree to work together for a fixed period and re-evaluate.

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