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Change is Inevitable

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Change is inevitable. Sometimes change is a result of our own decisions, other times it is completely out of our hands. The past months have made this clear.

We all experience change differently. What can seem simple for one person, can feel overwhelming for another. Within organizations, it is often difficult to determine which changes will be difficult and for whom.

I constantly need to remind myself that every change involves a transition – people need to let go of something before engaging with something new. This process is complex.

What may seem like a simple change, can impact an organization in unintended ways.

What about training?

Change management training has helped me navigate change for myself and those that I work with. I actually found it so useful that Leading4impact became an accredited training organization.

If you’ve ever created a process and thought how easy it would be to implement, if not for the people – change management training just might be for you. [incl link to our training page]

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